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Thread: Do not waste your money on acerbis handguards!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJRM View Post
    Say what you will, but I am willing to bet they are the exact same guards. And I'm not the only one out there who has made the same observations...

    ACERBIS Rally Pro Handguards vs. EBay Handguards review

    Regardless, the next set I purchase (and spend good money on) will be American made.
    Not saying that you are wrong exactly. Just if you put up a subject line like that there needs to be some backup. Looks and weights don't add up to good reviews and good real life performance.
    In this case we are talking TW200 and maybe that isn't as important in some situations to some people but good quality counts in critical situations, a review, good or bad, is worth the effort typing it out, and worth it to the ones reading it.

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    Note: I have Acerbis hand guards on my KTM 500 and have been happy with them. Also have a different style Acerbis on the KDX - also good. I am also not biased towards the brand.
    I was a Fox Shock fan until my Yamaha Wolverine had problems - springs bending and rubbing on shock - would not recommend them, but also letting Fox respond before I publicly trash them.

    Would also like to hear about your experience with the eBay deal after some time with them on the trail.

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    Will do. Based on my experience with the Acerbis guards (and now these), I can tell that neither is all that robust compared to some of the really heavy duty guards out there though. For my intended purpose (roads, class IV riding, double track & occasional ST), I think they'll be fine, but if I were doing a lot of hard off road work, I'd get something more substantial for sure.

    Now I just hope that the temps go back up around here and that the ice and snow melts so that I can ride again!
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    I had Tusk on my old XT125. These eBay clones look ok though.

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