powersport superstore HORRIBLE.............
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Thread: powersport superstore HORRIBLE.............

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    powersport superstore HORRIBLE.............

    Anyone considering ordering parts from these jokers beware.. First order lost in mail. No word on when second order will ship.... . sorry had to vent..

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    Sorry to hear that! Also stay away from the eBay seller Cali biker club
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    If we are going to slam online parts businesses, put me down for Bike Bandit. Terrible.
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    Powersport Superstore sold me an alarm that was dead on arrival. They told me it wasn't their problem...contact the manufacturer. I documented all the correspondence back and forth and presented it to Amazon. They fixed the problem but what a f'ing hassle. I've bought many things from them and considered them ok until there was a problem. Their 'couldn't care less' customer service attitude really pissed me off.

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    Glad they made it right George. How do you like that alarm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by littletommy View Post
    Glad they made it right George. How do you like that alarm?
    I should have posted a follow up to my rant on the other thread. Now that I have a Bully Lock that works I really like it. Lots of different possible uses.

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    Another big -1 for Powersport Supestore. They sent me the wrong tube size and offered to fix it by ME paying shipping both ways to get the right size tube.
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    I have ordered from them 3 times with no issues. If you order directly through their website you need to research it. They sell things from different companies at different prices, similar to how amazon works. Their site does not have the fancy navigation that amazon does though. I ordered a windshield from them after two weeks watching the price vary from 80 to 95 dollars. Ordering through amazon always gives extra insurance though. Amazon has excellent customer service. It is a pain trying to get a refund from most places but amazon has never given me any issues and usually go above and beyond to fix things.
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    I just received my new GMax GM54 modular helmet from them. Great price and very fast shipping. Sadly the helmet did not fit, cheek pads were way too fat and the label on them says 30mm. I called them and they gave the number for GMax. Called GMax explaining my problem and they told me the GM54 in XL comes standard with 20mm cheek pads, someone changed them. Long story shortened, GMax can't sell direct and Powersports does not carry optional parts or cheek pads. I did find the pads I needed elsewhere and with the standard 20mm pads that should have been in my new helmet it fits perfect. It cost me $40 more to get what should have been in it from the box.

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    I bought two sets of ims pegs from power sports superstore via amazon and didn't have any issues. It is a footpeg so it's pretty hard to mess up....

    That being said I after seeing some of the stories here I will think twice about using them again the the future.

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