TW's 1st real ride and 1st break down Cruising Big Bone & Beaver Lick, KY
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Thread: TW's 1st real ride and 1st break down Cruising Big Bone & Beaver Lick, KY

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    TW's 1st real ride and 1st break down Cruising Big Bone & Beaver Lick, KY

    Here are some photos of the first ride that ended with a break down but I still rode it home.

    I left with 1,604 miles and returned with 1,817 miles on a new battery. Two tanks full of premium gone with averages of 74 to 95 MPG I rode 213 miles of twisty KY back roads between 40-55 MPH riding to several towns. I had just topped off the tank again (3rd time) and was on some abandoned county roads not used since the 50's. They were like rough fire roads. Then the new battery was dead so I push started it and limped home.

    I hit some historic sites and parks. The Ohio River view is down the road from my place and the store is a couple of miles. Big Bone and Beaver Lick are nearby as well. I guess the very old school hill billys were so into it they had to name places after it. Big Bone and Beaver Lick are right next to each other within 10 miles. These signs have made it onto Letterman and Leno's shows. Good stuff! I'm sure I could have rolled way South East and gotten the snake handling nuts some press here too.

    They can't tie shoes around here but they sure can licks some dem der thangs! Banjo playing in the background........The movie Deliverance on the boob tube. LOL!

    The Rabbit Hash General Store is a historic landmark also on the Ohio River. It has been in continuous operation since 1831 with little change. Many riders of all types come from afar to stop in for a beer or beverage and hang out to enjoy the views and aura. You can Google Rabbit Hash KY. "The center of the universe" The mayor is a dog since we do not tolerate bullshit around here. There are festivals and nationally touring bands that play here. I also get to vote in this great place. In and out. No lines. "Where in Da Hell is Da Hash", you wonder???? It is about 30 miles South West on Cincinnati, Ohio but an isolated and treasured place that seems like the middle of nowhere. It actually is a very secluded little area.

    So all in all it was a great ride for road travel but ended with some technical difficulty. No Biggie!
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    Nice pics, but now my neck hurts......
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    WOULD YOU SHUT THE FIRE TRUCK UP!!!!!!! Now we'll be overrun with BMWs and KTMs with bullet hole stickers from their last trip to "Mexico" (Taco Bell).
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