New TW owner (for the wifey!)
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Thread: New TW owner (for the wifey!)

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    New TW owner (for the wifey!)

    My name is Bill, and I am a dirt-bike junkie. Have been riding 37yrs (6yrs old to present 43yrs old).
    My wife's name is Allison. We have been together almost 8yrs. Through that 8 years, there have been a few times that she showed interest in learning to ride.
    For whatever reasons, it never seemed to happen. Well, when this little TW fell in my lap for a steal of a price, I decided it was time!
    Basically, a friend of an employee needed some quick cash. My employee was telling me that his buddy was trying to sell everything to raise $$$$.
    I had seen the bike a couple times. And thought: "that would be perfect for Allison to learn to ride on!"
    So I offered up cold hard cash. Greenbacks always seem to do the best talking. And I picked up a pretty nice 09' with only 1045miles on it for $1800

    Here it is as of taking delivery yesterday:

    Not bad for $1800 bucks!! So far the only issues that are obvious. The carb bowl seems to leak. The neutral light does not work. And, I am sure that he never changed the oil.
    First thing I did was change the oil. It came out cleaner than I thought it would. It had the proper amount in it. And there was no junk on or in the filter. So, I have my fingers crossed.
    Then I removed the passenger pegs (she will never use them). The reflectors in the sides of the bottom triple-clamp (one was already broken). And, the turn-signals. (I am sure she will drop the bike at some point, no point in leaving them on to get broken)

    I already had her riding it around the field next to the shop. Figured I would spend some time teaching her throttle/clutch/gear/brakes:

    Didn't spend much time teaching. She is a natural! (she drives stick really well, so I had my fingers crossed) Neutral gives her a little trouble, but she gets the rest no problem. Like I said, the neutral light is not working. I think as soon as I fix it, we are good to go. Bought her a brain-bucket yesterday. We goin' riding! I am so excited! My whole adolescent life, my dream was a girlfriend who rides. Took me longer than I hoped to get there. But, I am very sure it was worth the wait (as she is freakin' awesome!)

    Now, let the mods begin!!!!
    First order of business:
    the bars need to be much higher! I am 6'1" (hell yes I am gonna ride it too!) and she is 5'11". The stock bend is terrible. And, I have scoured ALL the options, and dont like any of them.
    I guess I am going to have to machine a new top triple-clamp with bolt-on risers!! So I can install bars with a proper bend for good wrist comfort and safety. Ohh shucky darn!

    Then I will be hitting up ProCycle for some springs.

    And, I am sure it will "snowball" from there..........

    Pretty sure this little bike is gonna be loads of fun. I doubt I will ever leave my bike in the garage on the "guy rides". But, I could see me having a ball on the TW exploring.
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    Congratulations Bill! Sounds like a great deal! The fact that you get to ride with your wife is icing on the cake!
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    Great Deal Bill!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Wow what a deal!! I hope to get my wifey riding one day... Good times ahead and welcome

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    That's a good deal on an '09. FYI, if there was no crud on the filter, the oil has been changed (more than once).

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    Excellent! Welcome. A happy wife makes for a happy husband. Good for you.
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    Awesome! I just bought an 07 for my wife this past weekend.
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    Sweet....!!! Holy crap, That's a smoken deal Bill. Welcome to the forum. Yeah, not the rear pegs themselves, but leave the rear peg "mounts" on the bike. They stick out a bit, and work as rear crash bars incase your wife lays the bike down. That's the only reason I left mine on....

    I liked and bought the Tusk risers. I also hate the bend on stock bars. I hope to replace them with a Suzuki bend for next year....
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    Hello and welcome! Congrats!

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    WOW, thank you everybody for the warm welcome!
    I can't wait to get started on this little bike and share all the fun we are going to have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Werloc View Post
    I liked and bought the Tusk risers. I also hate the bend on stock bars. I hope to replace them with a Suzuki bend for next year....
    I am not a fan of that style for a couple reasons. The big one is, as the bars go up, they also go back. Not good in this case.
    Allison and I are both big people. When she was first checking it out, one of the first things she said was that the handlebars were uncomfortable. It put her wrists at a bad angle.
    So I held the bike upright, had her put her feet on the pegs, close her eyes, and put her hands where she felt would be a comfortable riding position.
    I noticed two things during that exercise. It was about 4" up, and 2" forward of where the stock bars are at. And her elbows were up and bent (both of which made me real happy! LOL) No way to accomplish that with simple risers.
    I'm not sure how handlebar manufacturers come up with the bends they do? But, short of motocross bars, almost every bar I have ever laid my hands on has too much sweep, and rise.

    Besides, making cool stuff is big fun! I'm no stranger to making triple-clamps:

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