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Thread: Considering a TW200 for my first bike

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    Welcome to the forum. Just remember that you are asking about a TW 200, on the TW 200 forum, haha It is a great little bike. IMO the cutoff for reasonable cruising (without the engine "feeling like it's going to blow up") is 55 mph with stock gearing. As you know, you can gear taller. The TW can be geared to do pretty well at 60 mph on the highway, although it won't pull hills very well with that setup. I really didn't like what that gearing did to it off road, though. The TW is more fun the lower you gear it.

    There is definitely a significant difference between the TW and the fuel injected XT: the XT is much more highway capable. It can actually make a really nice highway bike, if geared for that, without destroying the off road performance. I've done multi day adventure rides with hundreds of highway miles on a lower-geared TW, but I definitely wouldn't recommend that, lol. A properly geared XT can relatively excel at that, though. Also, IMO, the fuel injection is much nicer, but that is mostly personal preference.
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    All I can say is after maybe 8 or so years from my last motorcycle ride I drove nearly 800 miles RT (google maps added the extra 100 or so ) to pick up a used TW200 in Springfield MO.
    Once I got it off the carrier and levers and mirrors adjusted I took a couple of very short try it out runs before taking it up and down the street a couple times. Surprising after all those years I still remembered how to shift gears and use the brakes. Looking forward to some dirt roads and small hills next. BTW I am well past the retirement age.
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    Welcome to the Forum! No need to tell you how great the TW is. All has been said.

    My recommendation is that you take a course on Motor Cycle safety like Ride Well etc... Then get the bike.

    Learning proper safety is imperative.

    Many folks thought they could ride a motor cycle only to find out they did not!

    Here's just one!

    I have witnesses some folks not understanding this and have been seriously injured!

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    I have 2 bikes. A 2005 TW and a 2014 CRF250L and I like them both a lot. I'm 6' tall and 270 lbs.

    The TW is a great in town commuter and a lovely mountain dirt road tool. I can relax and enjoy the scenery a lot more with it's mild power and wide tires. On back highways and good gravel roads it easily cruises at 45 and can do 55 (orig, gearing)

    The CRF250L will carry me at 65mph and does well off road. It's just my choice for travels further afield. I did lower it with a lowering link and that makes it easier to mount. Plenty of power for regular cruising and getting up hills.

    Both bikes are set up with hand guards, nice CycleRack, bar risers.

    If at this point I HAD to got to just one bike the little TW would most likely win out. Just love the little guy! (but it wouldn't be easy to let the CRF go!)

    Rudy in the mountains of Montana

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    I agree with what most people have said on here. I think the TW is a very good first motorcycle. But if you are leaning towards mostly on road riding I might lean towards something a little bigger. But you will lose the rock steady feeling of the TW and the confidence inspiring low riding position, and both feet on the ground, feeling.
    The XT and TW are both good first bikes, or long time trail and slower town motorcycles.

    I also agree that a motorcycle training course is very helpful. And you WILL learn something you have never thought about or hear about before. The more you ride on the streets, with other vehicles, the more you need to know and be aware of.
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    Like others said, the TW200 would be better as a first bike. But here's my reasoning.

    As a new rider, there are 3 main things to consider in a bike:
    1. It must be stable on the road = The low center of gravity, large tires and great ergonomics makes the TW very stable on not only paved surfaces, but also bridge grates, loose rocky soil, gravel, grass, mud, or just plain rutted dirt road.
    2. It must be forgiving of mistakes = While with practice you can pop a wheelie, the TW's engine isn't going to toss you on your butt if you skip a gear or get froggy and crank on the throttle a little too hard.
    3. It must be powerful enough to keep you out of trouble = This doesn't mean you can twist the throttle and pass traffic on the interstate. But it does mean the bike is nimble enough to get you around obstacles and it will crawl over or out of just about anything short of a mud bog.

    And that's the beauty of these bikes. They aren't too powerful to get you into trouble, but are stubborn and nimble enough to get you out of trouble if you get a little too adventurous.

    And besides that they're just plain FUN. Even for so many of us on this forum who own several other bikes we've found the TW consistently ends up being our favorite ride.

    Buy the bike. Even if you eventually feel like you out grow it, you won't regret it.
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    I have two that I got so wife and I could ride together in the nearby forests. It is her first bike. We got them about 2 years ago. It has been excellent for her. Initially she crashed a few times, and thanks to the low speeds and seat height of the bike she didn't get hurt too much. She seems to enjoy riding it, as long as the weather is good. I found it to be a very good choice for teaching her how to ride... way better than a bigger and heavier bike would have been.

    Only down side I can think of is you might want something more powerful in short order. I have been riding for over 40 years and it is my 20 or 25th bike, something like that. I have owned a slew of dual-purpose bikes, sport bikes, even a couple liter class sport bikes. I still think the TW is a lot of fun, particularly running around my small town and up in the forrest. Gnarly trails are great on the TW.

    Just know the bike is horrendously slow and always will be. Plus the jetting on at least the newer ones is ridiculously lean... as are all late model carbureted bikes that I am aware of.

    I hope to get a KTM Duke or Super Duke for my next bike, but I plan to keep the TW.
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    Ditto to most of the previous comments.....

    Curioius what the XT forum is telling you about our beloved T-dubs ...... I'm certain they are swaying you in their direction and if not, that is reason enough to get a TW ..... you won't find a forum as friendly as this one
    Currently enjoying a great mix...
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    Lots of good advice and support here. The T-Dub wins hands down in the unique category and anytime we are in a group it draws some attention. I have multiple bikes but the T-Dub is the best city bike because it is: easy to maneuver, all terrain capable, and super simple to maintain. I personally avoid FI and prefer carbs, but I have lived with carbs my entire life. My reasoning is this: if I make a mod I can adjust carb with ease in my driveway. If I make same mod on an FI bike I have to pay dealer to refresh FI controller (about $150 around here).

    Last point, the T-Dub is FUN and the following pic is at the end of a day where we rode 20 miles in dirt and then 60 or so on back roads near Wilson Creek, NC.
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