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Thread: keeping the TW but thinking of another bike,,,but which one?

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    DR650. My wife and I take the Harley and the DR 650 on a trailer behind the camper. We ride the Harley together on pavement, the DR together on pavement for 10 or 20 miles to get to good forest service roads and then to ride on those roads for sightseeing and picnics, and I ride the DR on good and bad forest service roads alone. I also rode the DR at Moab this and last year. Works fine on better quality dirt/gravel roads/trails. Climbs easier ledges with all the power you'd ever need. Has good suspension that can handle two on dirt and gravel roads. But it's too heavy for me for sand (when I crash multiple times and crack a rib at Moab like this year, it gets old picking it up - 360 pounds). But that is also a rider issue, not necessarily the bike. I hadn't ridden off pavement since I was 18 on a friends Honda 100 (now 61). Started with the DR a year ago. Plus, they're cheap, you don't get upset when you drop it, it is carbed like the TW (so easy to work on - redid the float in Moab at the campsite) and the seat is at 35 inches, so lower than the DRZs and WRRs. If you're used to a TW and putting your foot down, these other bikes are pretty tall.

    To see what a new, not so coordinated rider does with the DR, look at "Life Outside the Box" on the Adventure Rider site If you're an experienced rider, I expect you could do way better than me.

    So I can take on the more difficult stuff (really moderate, but that's difficult for me) at Moab next year, I bought a TW yesterday. But for anything not too sandy or crazy steep, the DR works well for me alone. You just have to be realistic about the feature tradeoff of a decent off-road bike and wanting to ride two-up at highway speeds somewhat comfortably.

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    TrailRun.....thats what I am trying to avoid (dropping a heavy bike)...I am 63....not that great an off road rider, other than on the TW. I like the looks of the DR650, however looking at whats for sale in my area, they are $4k up.....budget buster. Like you said I know they will be a trade off between off road and road bikes, I was just hoping I could find a easy going off road bike like the TW, but one that could do some hwy rides...2up.
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    Mine was exactly $4k in Feb. 2016. A policeman bought it new in 2013 and put 134 miles on it over three years. Decided that since he wasn't using it, he'd sell it. It was in mint condition. Then, he dropped it off the back of his pickup while loading it to take to the dealer. So, I got essentially a new bike with some scratches. Good luck with this.
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    Rally Raid Honda CB500X Adventure

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    I had the same thoughts and issues that you described I decided to go with the husqvarna TR 650 terra
    fuel injected, lightweight, good suspension, fast, very comfortable with two up.
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