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Thread: Seasonal Road Takeovers.

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    If I lived in the area where I was riding, I'd look into it a little more. I checked it out on Google Earth and it looks like that seasonal road intersects with a paved regular road and a house not too far from the gate. Not a big deal as far as missed riding opportunity, just it seems like I run across this often. The land owners probably had a bunch of hell raisers rip through there in the early morning, weekend hrs. which is why they are trying to block it off. I can see both sides of this issue, just not sure which is the right side.
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    One of the last dirt public roads in San Mateo County was closed down because where it dead ended was subject to "rave" parties and private property owners didn't like them.
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    We have a lot of them here in the Catskills. I call them old coach roads but generally they were from the days of horse and buggy travel. Almost all of them connect two paved roads but are actually short cuts that save a couple or more miles on the pavement. If you were coming from the nearest town to my house on a horse or in a horse drawn buggy you would certainly take the cut road and save at least 4 miles you would have to drive on the main paved roads. We have one very rich land owner here who owns almost all the property on both sides of 2 of these seasonal use roads. The small parcels he doesn't own are public hunting and fishing lands so he can't gate them or restrict travel. Scottie has ridden his TW on a few of these roads down here when he visited a few years back with Ebanflood and a few others for a get together.

    The big power lines are another bone of contention around here. The gas and electric company bought the rights to run their lines through privately owned lands but they do not own the land at all. They do erect gates in various spots but they must provide the key to those land owners or what they do instead is allow the owners to use their own locks by going lock to lock to lock on some gates where more than one land owner has rights to access his own land. My lock to the gas company lock to the other owners locks so they all can get through. ATVs in NY cannot be ridden on any state or private land unless you have written permission from the land owners. However there is no such laws restricting licensed road vehicles such as our TWs or 4x4 Jeeps and such. Every gate they put up has a way around it if you have a suitable vehicle.

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