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Thread: Expensive Ebay kick starters available

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tweaker View Post
    Hey I am all for capitalism. What ever the market will bear.
    Supply and demand !!!!!
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    As TW Brian mentioned the TW and XT kits are identical except for the "kick crank boss" ie the lower splined portion of the kick lever

    The ebay seller offers both TW and XT kits her's the TW kit Yamaha TW 200 Kick Starter Kit fits All TW200's - Genuine OEM Yamaha 1987 - 2016 | eBay

    The XT kick lever are the hardest part to find the actual XT225 levers are no longer made but an obscure older Yamaha provides the correct lever although supply from Yamaha is extremely limited it often takes me 12 months to complete an order of 10 units

    I started selling these in 2013 for $269.95 and was selling so many I was dropping 20 kits off every day and my supply was dwindling fast so I started hiking the price til sales slowed to a few units per week and now it's often a few units per month but I don't have that many left

    Technically most OEM parts are still available but often backordered and it can take some time to assemble a kit

    My ebay offerings are the one stop shop mailed the same day so the buyer can get right to the install and then riding rather than chasing parts for days, weeks or possibly even months. Many kits I've seen offered for a bit cheaper are missing parts which is a big hassle if you are not a TW expert

    I offer most of my stuff here to forum members at greatly reduced prices from what I get from my retail TW buyers or on ebay often I get twice as much on ebay as I get here on the forum

    in 2013 I dumped $50k in to kick starter parts and it took a long long time and tons of effort to sell and mail all the kits just to get to the break even point and trust me I often question my sanity having that much TW stuff in the closet lol

    I do sell the kits for less than my ebay prices when forum members request but I don't try to sell the kicker kits here because I realize we all want cheaper kicker kits if we can ever find them
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    I bought all the parts off Partzilla about 2 months ago for 252.00 shipped to Kansas. Install was relatively easy, hoping I don't have to rely on kicking it anytime soon but it's there if the need arises.

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    Today went down to pick up tabs for my 09. Hopped on it and no juice in the battery. One Kick and I was on my way. So glad to have kickers on all my TW's. Too bad they quit putting them on. With all the talk about this you would think they would at least have them for an option when buying.
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