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    Hello all!

    I'm pleased to say after a long two years of research and savein' up the money I picked up an '87 tw200 as my first bike for next to nothing. It was on Craigslist for a whole 3 hours! haha. I had my boyfriends dad take it for a spin and it checked out to be a "safe" first bike with little parts needed. . . I'm super stoked and I'll be taking it on our first ride together tomorrow >:3

    'Til next time new family,


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    Welcome, I'm new too.
    Greg from Glenville

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    Welcome, your life just got a whole lot more fun!
    Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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    Congrats. Just don't forget your friends. Yes, it is THAT fun.
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    The tw was my first real motorcycle that I bought in '11. It is the most confidence inspiring, fun bike to learn on. Welcome to the addiction! You will not find a better forum or group of guys anywhere. Welcome to the club! Post pics when you can.
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    congrats u r gonna love it. lol
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    Welcome aboard

    Where you from? May be other TW riders in your area. Alot of meet ups seem to be going on this year.

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    Congrats on your new bike. I got my TDub last year (first bike) and love it!

    2005 TW200, 2,600 mi.

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    You no longer have time or money for anything, but we know how you feel and its OK! Well, with us anyways!
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    I take it that you are a female? Always awesome to see girls kick ass on a bike! Welcome!
    "Peace be the journey"

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