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Thread: Who rode their bike today? Where at? How hot or cold was it??

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    Senior Member Smitty Blackstone's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    Mamaroneck, NY
    Road tested the 95 R1100R formerly known as "The Beemer That Would Not Be Repaired".

    Basically it got a semi-major overhaul.

    New Michelin Pilot Road 4 on the front, Pilot Road 3 on the rear. They stick like GLUE, and they are brand new, not even broken in.

    Outfitting it for a ride and camp coming in May.

    About 48 degrees... Roads clear with some salt till down... Passed the 110mph test (GPS)..... Sorted out aux light mounts, How the low fuel light works, ergonomics.

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    Senior Member Peterb's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    Hit about 4 C today so my buddies Andrew on his Super Sherpa and Tim on his DR650 joined me for an afternoon run about 200 KMs including one of my favorite highways 533 had patches of ice where it was shaded but it was dirty ice so the traction was pretty good and we still rode like we were in our 20s.... all in our 50s btw. The video is just one I found on the net of 533 in the fall.

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    Sand Hollow, ID
    Been out riding in the Back 40 and the East 80 over the past week or so when I spotted what I thought was a single fence post. Thought this was odd so I rode over to take a closer look. Turns out this one has a survey marker at it's base.

    This survey marker was stamped with the U.S. General Land Office (1936). These BLM areas are historical and still in use, "stock right of ways or stock driveways". The U.S. General Land Office was born from the U.S. Treasury Dept. in 1812. It then Merged with the U.S. Grazing Service in 1934, which later changed to the U.S. Bureau of Land Managment (BLM). Interesting this survey marker was dated after the merger but retained the U.S.G.L.O. writing.

    I did spot a couple other posts just like this in a couple other locations but no survey markers at their base like the one above. Note: This photo is taken at the same post as above from a different angle and not from one of the other posts I rode too.

    Notes from the Boonville Ride, Anderson Valley Brewery, and Growlers. Last year after returning from Moab I broke my growler I had brought back with me from Germany 30 years ago. I forgot I had it at Moab and didn't get it filled, nor do I think I ever had this growler from Germany filled. Well, when I threw my riding equipment bag out of the trailer, when it landed I heard a broken glass sound. Yep, my unused 30 year old to me growler was now in bits.

    Anyway, after some of the guys bought growlers at the local brewery I mentioned the demise of my growler to Mrs. Admiral. While en route back to home base, Mrs. Admiral ordered me a replacement one which looked darn close to the one I broke.

    She added a nice touch to the new one!

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    San Diego
    That's a dual purpose growler. You can put beer in it or your namesake rum. What a sweetie.
    Twin 2014 TW200's made side by side on the assembly line, Moose rear racks, Protaper Bars one with risers, DG oval pipes. rejetted carbs, 130 main jets, 2 -.020 shims on the needles and @ 2 1/2 turns on the pilot screw, #34 pilot jets, Aserbis hand guards, Shinko 241 front tires, modified Krator foot pegs, 14-55t sprockets, Ricochet skid plates and 90 degree fuel filters.

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    Spokane, Washington
    Turns out that member Toecutter (Nathan) from Idaho was going to be in town today, so I rode the TW to the Chinese Buffet to meet him for lunch. He's a real nice guy and we had a great time talking about TW's. I think he's itching to go on a few rides with other folks getting out and about camping and such.

    Nice meeting you today bro!! I had a great time!! Let's do it again soon!!
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    I rode mine to the Ace hardware for some BMW screws. After I swapped the clutch plates I test drove it to make sure adjustments were correct and no oil leaks. All seemed well. Now I am ready to go and try my new clutches out under pressure.

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    Senior Member Toecutter's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
    North Idaho
    Was a great day all around my friend! An absolute pleasure to hang out and swap stories, check out all the work youve done on your bike, and generally eat too much. Drove up into the mountains looking for sheds to no avail, but still got to work off all that food.
    Definitely look forward to doing it again
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    Dec 2010
    Moses Lake, WA
    Rode my ZX-10 today to work. 34 ish, clear and some sun forecast. Felt good! 55 on the way home, still too cold to get jiggy with it. Been a cold hard winter. However, 2 weeks ago I was in 91 degrees rocking a late model V-Strom 1000 down Trubaco canyon in CA. let' get this season started!
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    Mar 2017
    Meridian, CA
    I rode just over 30 miles around the Meridian basin on the levee. Saw lots of turkeys.
    I really like this bike

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    Turtle Wrangling the Sierras
    Had a pleasant little ride after the latest rains. A brisk 40 degrees perhaps.

    Some places have fairly deep erosion after several recent heavy run-off events.

    Crossing was fun on the TW.

    . It has been a wild winter. The runoff seemed even higher today as I stared at a swirling suck hole where my beach & picnic table used to be.
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