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I think new administration's proposed budget will have little funding for additional withdrawals, monuments nor new wilderness designations.
The multiple use battle trudges on.

Administration not fiddling with things is good but it's not just the Presidents signature on a National Monument proposal we as riders have to worry about. Multiple Use is still under attack and in this case by the BLM.

Here in Idaho this month the BLM is asking for comments on two proposed Travel Management Plans (TMP's) areas. I know there is a requirement for the Forest Service and BLM (perhaps other agencies) to establish TMP's on lands they manage but it appears the BLM is trying to shut down or decrease access to these lands.

The problem we have here is the local BLM designed the options and didn't include any rider groups or possibly any stakeholder group before offering their plans for comments. They have indicated outright closures of motorcycle trails, roads, or conversion of some trails from single track to ATV/UTV. The BLM has admitted they did most of their preliminary work using Google Earth and no actual field work as it appears they are required too. The area in question is not even that heavily used by motorcycles or other vehicles to start with as it's so remote. It seems like the BLM TMP's to pick from or make comments on don't include "leaving the land use as is. It's like telling a motorcycle rider, in order to use this area you must ride a bike, hike, or use a bus without even including the use of a motorcycle. What choice is that!

Anyway, the BLM sure has stirred up another shit-storm with us here in Idaho or anyone from any state who may wish to ride in these areas.

Here's some background info and even a petition (I signed already) which will hopefully help. It's almost like the comments the BLM will take from the public is already too late to change the current TMP's of which none are well researched. Literally, please choose option B, C, or D and we are saying "where the heck is option A"?


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