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Thread: The glove won't fit

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    Dan, take a break from pampering Sweet Suffering Sue and tell us what caused the digital destruction. The tale of driving all over Redding looking for help was good but curiosity begs more details as to the cause and her prognosis. Basically when can she ride again?
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    Good gosh Dan, if Sue's fingers looked that bad, I can only imagine how awful your ears must feel!! If they're still not recovered this morning I would recommend my grandfathers remedy where you immerse your entire head in a bucket of ice water, & then use Q-Tips to really get in the ears deep to clean out all that's still troubling you... Worked for me, and no side effects that I can hear anyway...

    Sue, we hope you recover quickly. We realize that keeping Dan in line is not an easy task, requiring the use of both hands.

    All kidding aside, hope you mend quickly. Love Mike & Karen.
    BONUS!! Here we see a depiction of Dan attempting to cook for himself!
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    Yikes! Heal quickly Sue! It appears to be your throttle hand so at least can ride the tdub easier. Doing that to your clutch hand would make riding tough. Ok, Sue or Dan.....How did you do it? We are all dying to know.
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    Details, Details, everybody wants the Damn Details, quit yer whimpering....
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    Heal up quick Sue!!!

    Did they at least offer her a splint for the broken finger?

    I shattered the tip of the ring finger on my left hand a few years ago and they gave me one of those regular metal splints initially and then i went to the hand ortho specialist the hospital asked me to follow up with and they made me a little mini custom molded plastic splint that worked great. I still ended my riding season since using the clutch hurt like hell but at least with this little splint life was much easier.

    Here is what it looked like.

    Did they offer her a bunch of drugs too while she was at the hospital? When i did mine they instantly wanted to offer me narcotics, i refused and literally had to argue with them over it. All i wanted was for them to drain the blood from under the nail to relieve the pressure, they did not want to do that at all. Had to get the head of the ER involved before they finally complied. I handed the prescription for percs right back to the doctor on my way out.

    Same thing happened to me when i busted my ankle in 2015 at a different hospital. All i wanted was a bag of ice, all the doctor wanted to do was give me narcotic drugs. The doctor literally got into an argument with me about me not wanting to put that crap into my body, he was very pushy and aggressive. I ended up telling him to go efff himself and i walked out untreated and drove myself to another hospital.
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    I wasn't sure who actually was hurt until I saw the pictures. I really thought Dan was the injured party at first. I guess a full body cast for an injured finger or two is excess eh?

    Either way, I hope you both recover quickly!
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    Ouch indeed! Hope it heals quickly - there's riding to be done!
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    Seems MHMadness is my only friend that understands the bad day I had. The rest of you want to know what happened to Sue. Fine, be that way! I still get goose bumps thinking about the accident. Since it was an on the job injury she says she is going to sue me and buy a road bike. Not going to happen! She says I could ride on the back. Not going to happen! This iker chick gets itchy sometimes.

    We have a practice of loading our 21" mower into the back of our small Toyota pick-up by balancing the mower on its back left wheel and raising the front right wheel and hook it onto the tail gate of the truck. Then you swing the front left wheel up and into the back of the truck. Finish by lifting and pushing the rest of the mower into the truck bed. Somewhere between the front wheel hook and the left wheel swing sue placed her hand under the mower housing and I rotated the full weight of the mower across her two fingers trapping them between the mower and the tail gate. Ouch. Like the Big Dog!!! It happened so fast. All of a sudden she felt like dancing and jumping around holding her hand. She was strangely quite during the dance so I knew it was going to be bad.

    Sue is doing well. She's a tough girl. She went back to work the next day. I tried to talk her out it. She's taking antibiotics and over the counter pain medicine. I noticed a few beers missing.

    I'm now her personal care taker. I have to do the work of her two fingers. I had no idea how busy two fingers can be. I'm going to be doing the dishes for a while. Pretty much all the house work. Then I started to think she will require help in the shower. Seems she can reach everything except her left arm pit. Dagnabit!

    Dirts a Flyen SanDue
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    Quote Originally Posted by SanDue View Post
    I have to do the work of her two fingers. Dirts a Flyen SanDue
    Have you found it awkward to do the work of her one finger. With the one finger extended (right hand of course) it will be easier to twist your hand clockwise for the correct view rather than counter-clockwise!

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