Brake light always on?
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Thread: Brake light always on?

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    Brake light always on?

    Hi guys, a bit off topic, I picked up a really clean 1989 Yamaha XT350 yesterday. Bike runs and looks great. The only issue it has is the brake light seems to just stay always on. Normally, you would have a tail light and then the brake light would illuminate brighter when you press on the brake. Being that this bike is nearly identical to the TW I figured one of you on here might have the know-how to fix this.

    The first thing I did was to disconnect the rear brake and see if the adjuster there is what was causing it. However, with the rear brake unplugged and the ignition key ON it still does it.

    So now, I am thinking this must be some wiring issue. Can any of you guys point me in the right direction to look?

    Thanks - Bart

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    Bart, don't forget that there is also a switch on the front brake lever that activates the rear brake light. That could be causing your problem.
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    OK, so, trace the wires from the front brake level to a switch there?

    Thanks - Bart

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    That switch generally is connected right at the lever. Some you can just unplug and see if it goes out.
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    If the brake lever switch (plunger) is sticking, your brake light will remain on. If the brake lever itself is not returning (spring broken, or gummy lever pivot) the switch plunger will remain on.
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    ...and if it ain't the front brake lever's switch maybe test some assumptions one naturally makes on a new bike. For instance I would next pull the cover off tail light assembly and confirm proper bulb making proper contact with the proper terminals in the proper socket with proper voltage measurable at each terminal. Never assume previous owner was a meticulous maintainer. You won't know what is there until you look.
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