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Thread: First mod? What to do?

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    Nothing wrong with the stock gearing or skid plate. Folks like to bash the stock skid plate but it is actually a well engineered lightweight energy absorbing device capable of protecting the engine from almost all of the impacts that the popular Ricochet transmits directly to the frame and ultimately up to the rider's hands and feet. The Ricochet lacks the rubber isolation pads of the stock skid plate that do such a fine job of extending the time duration of impact and thus lessen the peak acceleration loads that tend to break welds and loosen dental work. While a fine piece of armor the aftermarket skidplate adds another 3 pounds or so, and reflects and resonates a lot more engine noise back at the rider than the stock unit.
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    Welcome. Ride it enjoy it. Mods, no mods, these are great fun bikes. I kind of like the 2 day ride idea. Of course if I went by that I would probably put vibration isolated street pegs on mine since I ride the streets more than trails. About 20 years and I never did that.
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    ebay, just make sure they are steel and not aluminum.
    Quote Originally Posted by bchbumm View Post
    Risers were done, Yay! lol. What brand foot pegs are considered the go to for these bikes.
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    If you go EBay on the foot pegs, the $15.00 steel ones require some work. One side the pin won't fit you have to drill the hole bigger. The foot peg springs will have to be clipped slightly. They don't fold up as high so you have to cut a slight groove or shave a small section so they fold up as high as stock. By fold up I mean when pulled up which mimics a fall or too sharp a corner when they drag.
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    Get an O-ring chain while the sprockets are still new enough that you don't need to replace them too. The advice about riding for awhile before deciding what you want is good, but doesn't apply to this, as 1) I think most everyone on here would agree that you DO want it and 2) If you get too many miles before you do it you will want to do the sprockets too. Sprockets are not that expensive but are rather more hassle to replace than simply doing the chain.

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    In addition to the new chain, foot pegs, handguards, seat pad, etc, from above, I'll add - 12V accessory socket. GPS/cellphone handlebar mount. Tool tube(s) mounted to the rack. Fuel filter. Tank bag, rear rack bag. The obligatory Jimbo shield. The list goes on and on. And I'm not including fiddling with rejetting and tuning the carb. How many mods depends on how you get carried away and the size of your wallet. You can still thoroughly enjoy it exactly as it is.
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    I would suggest the ims tw foot pegs. I tried the inexpensive eBay pegs. They were priced right but I didn't like how they sat. I think the IMS pegs felt better and went right on. I also agree that a longer shifter is necessary.
    Welcome and have fun!
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    Thanks, love the links. Whats a Jimbo Sheild? Link has the order info. Working on learning how to navigate this site. The O ring chain, is that the link to the proper size? More info on the liz cooler. Seems the link was the bracket? Back to the link to review.
    Much appreciated all. Like you say, ride ride ride!

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    If you enlarge the picture and ignore the centerpiece - both t-dubs in the photo are sporting Jimbo Shields (small windscreens) above their headlight cowlings. Made by a member of this forum.

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