Gearing Ratio Chart - Combinations From Best Speed to Best Power
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Thread: Gearing Ratio Chart - Combinations From Best Speed to Best Power

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    Gearing Ratio Chart - Combinations From Best Speed to Best Power

    What gearing ratio is best for a certain style riding is a popular question that is asked frequently on the forum. Both new owners and those of us who have ridden a while, but want to change our riding style, frequently wonder which combination of front and rear sprockets will be the magic bullet for our particular application.

    Since there are dozens of places that sell sprockets in scores of combinations, these two charts stick with the selection available from ProCycle .
    Sizes used are...
    • Front: 12, 13, 14 & 15
    • Rear: 42, 44, 47, 49, 50, 52, 54 & 55

    This first chart covers all of the sprocket combinations available, and lists them from those that produce the most speed, to those that produce the best climbing power.
    Gear Ratios - ALL from fast to powerful.jpg

    This second chart eliminates the 12 tooth front sprocket in favor of concentrating on the more popular combinations found on the forum, and highlights specific combinations of interest.
    Gear Ratios - POPULAR pairings.jpg

    While these two charts aren't all-inclusive, hopefully they will be a good starting point for folks interested in changing up their gears.

    Quick edit: For those that want to use a dual rear sprocket setup, a 14 front with a rear combo of 44 for speed and 55 for climbing would produce a very respectable spread.
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    If I were going to build a dual sprocket setup I think I would build a 14 45/55
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