Milk crate mounting to cycle rack-rack : )
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Thread: Milk crate mounting to cycle rack-rack : )

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    Milk crate mounting to cycle rack-rack : )

    I've figured out , with alot of mind searching what I really need on my cycle rack ; a milk crate. I'm not good thinking out of the box. I know other riders have done this. My question is, what clamps , nuts and bolts or what have you are used for a secure mounting?. The only items going into said crate would be : A half gallon of water and my Iicon back pack-- used as my gym bag. Again , I have a CycleRacks -rack. Photos would be nice. I'm not familiar with the names of specific clamps, gizmos etc , so plain ol-English please and or a photo. I was going to mount a GIVI top case or GIVI E-22 side cases but , figured , " why go to said expenses when a crate will suffice". TIA

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    Some may laugh at me but I used tie wraps. Good ones... I have carried real heavy items in there with no problem.. My crate actually cracked on the bottom but not one Tie Wrap..
    The nice is if you need to remove it... Grab the dikes and cut the Tie Wraps and in less than 30 seconds it is off... Then in a couple of minutes and the Milk Crate is back on... OH mine is a Pepsi one, black. I actually have two... A shallow one and a deep one.

    BTW, I actually had mine attached to the orig Tdub rack first... It hung over the back of it by about 6 inches...

    Lookeeee here, click on the picture to get a close up.


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    Nothing silly about using zipties. Some folks don't realize that the zipties have weight ratings. Quality ties far exceed the weight of any load you could fit inside a milk crate.

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    I have the CycleRack with "the hump" but I wanted the complete clearance of the seat (and pulling my long leg over the bike) when the milk crate was attached. No problem cutting it to fit as it only cost $5.00 at the Container Store. In this case "the Hump" makes the crate more stable locking it into the position I want. I used zip tie's because I only had two (2) Rok Straps at the time. Also I was using the bike off-road and fell over a few times which was no problem for the zip ties.
    Since then I've purchased a couple more Rok Straps and whenever needed use all four of them to attach the crate on a cross-pattern.




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    I usually strap a milk crate on when I need to carry stuff, but i don't leave it on all the time. I just use zip ties or bungee cords. It makes a good back rest too.

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    Soft luggage for me, but zip ties is the way with a crate, I always carry them anyway and a couple of bungees just in case I find a treasure on the trail.

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    Just FYI... Do yourself a favor and go to Target or Kohl's or any of the other home goods stores first and see if you can find a metal wire crate. They are all the rage now and the metal one should last better in the sun.
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    Zip ties are good temporary fixes, but black are more uv resistant than the white ones. Given continued exposure both will get brittle, but white ones don't last long at all in New Mexican sun exposure. U-clamps for me thanks.
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    They have them with metal bands inserted too. Those look real strong.
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    Hose clamps work

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