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Thread: Steve's '87 "day mods"

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    Well, the correct CDI made all the difference in the world! Even just around the neighborhood, it feels like I gained 50ccs!

    Of course, some of that may be due to owner enthusiasm... but it definitely feels like now it will hang with other BWs I've ridden!

    CDI - 1 (1).jpg

    As I suspected, the PO had cut off the proper connectors, and put bayonet connectors on each wire. I went ahead and cut the connectors off the new CDI, and added bayonets to match the harness.

    The BW CDI did not have connections for the clutch safety and the kickstand safety, so the PO just left those wires clipped, and unattached.

    I added bayonet connectors to those wires, plugged everything in, cranked it over, and it fired right up... nice!

    I buttoned everything back up (including bolting the seat down), put a helmet on, and fired it up to go for a ride. BUT... when I put it in gear, the engine quit... well, sh*t.

    I pulled out Little Tommy's wiring diagram (which was a GREAT help) to look at the clutch and kickstand wiring (since those were the only things that really changed), and decided that the kickstand circuit wasn't working properly.

    Off came the seat again (those bolts suck... soon I'm going to do the Velcro mod I saw on here somewhere). I followed the wiring, and discovered that the PO had unplugged the connector. I plugged it back together, fired it up, put it in gear, and it didn't die!

    I went for a test ride (this time I didn't bolt the seat down), and everything worked great! Another bonus is that now my kill switch works again (it didn't work before).

    For Rockit, I also installed a battery tender lead and handlebar risers today.
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    So, I got this XT350 tank off ebay:

    XT - 3.jpg

    The inside is really clean, so I got lucky there (I shook it around with vinegar and BBs just in case, but everything came out clean).

    I was able to to get the Jolly Roger and Fox stickers off, but the factory XT decal is under clear coat, so I left it alone.

    I scuffed the factory paint with a mouse sander, and sprayed it with automotive gray primer, which covered the XT decal nicely.

    XT - 1.jpg

    Then, after a few coats of appliance epoxy, I've got a nice looking tank for my TW!

    XT - 2.jpg

    I also got some '87 TW decals from Torman, which should round out this mod very nicely!
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    I got the XT350 tank installed today!

    TW tank - 1.jpg

    I'm glad I set aside plenty of time for this... it's not quite as plug-n-play as it might seem.

    I essentially used the same method as others have done (washer, hacksaw, extension bracket, etc.), so no pictures of all that....

    The time consuming part was all the test fititng, trying to find that sweet spot that is back far enough that you can turn the handlebars without hitting the tank (I have risers... it's the upper triple clamp that hits, but only on the right side), but still forward far enough that the seat can be made to fit. Conclusion: there is no sweet spot... just compromise....

    The seat was another big problem. It took way more than just trimming some ribs to make it bend better.... In order to get the hook to work, I had to trim away quite a bit of the pan in front of the hook, so the tank hold-down bolt and bracket are actually pushing up into the seat foam. You can't tell from the outside, but that's what's going on.

    Also, I think having the seat padding run all the way to the top of the tank is pointless. I'm thinking about cutting about 6" off the front of the seat, and re-tightening the vinyl. That would free up a nice spot for a small tank bag, for paperwork, sunglasses, etc....

    Overall, I'm happy with the fit. I didn't even have to trim the side plastic! If I had known it would line up this well, I might have brazed tabs on the tank to attach the plastics.

    The decals are great! From 10' away, I think I could convince almost anyone that in '87, the long-range fuel tank was a factory option!
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    That looks really great. Even the seat looks like it's just a little wrinkled with age Good job!
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