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Thread: Luggage rack choices

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    Anymore pics of the manracks rear bbq? Looks pretty neat and competitive against the CR.

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    I have a man rack,its just plain flat one....made very well
    I want to give my wife my rack and buy the new bbq man rack with rotopax bracket. What box fits on these brackets?
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    I'm interested in the Manracks bbq rack too. I've noticed in some of the pics on the Manracks site that the forward mounts under the seat cause the back of the seat to not sit properly (looks like it sits ~1/2" high). For those that have that rack, has it been a problem?
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    I have the basic Manrack on my bike, and I doubt very much that the fitting is going to be different with the BBQ rack as far as the seat is concerned. The fit to the seat is close, to within a quarter of an inch, but that’s what I like about Manracks – the expression “snug” springs to mind, but it will not touch or otherwise interfere with the seat, neither the back, nor to the sides.

    Don’t know what pic you’re referring to when you say “(looks like it sits ~1/2" high)” but I can assure you that in reality that is not the case – the mounting plate that goes under the seat is only a few mill thick, and slips in there without noticing.

    As to the question of “What box fits on these brackets?” – the added bracket you refer to is for the “Rotopax gas can” - Fuel Packs - and I would suggest that you restrict yourself to the one gallon pack. Although these Manracks are pretty tough, the max 4 gal can would put an unbearable strain on it.

    Rotopax gas cans are a widely used industry standard, and the Manracks BBQ rack comes with the Rotopax mounting base plate already welded on.

    As this Rotopax base plate is fitted flush to the Manrack, you can use any top box you wish too, as it will not interfere with the top box, or with its fittings. Should you require a Rotopax fuel pack instead of a top box, simply remove the box, fix on the Rotopax, and you get the best of both worlds …..
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    I bought one of these front racks from a guy on eBay.

    Yamaha TW200 Front Carry Rack Motorcycle | eBay

    It seems well made and I had it installed in about 10 minutes. I really like it. I have one of the big *Cycle Racks* racks mounted on the back behind the seat, but since I put this front one on, I find myself putting all my misc crap on it now. Makes it easy to see if my goodies are about to fall off or are still there and going to make it home with me.. lol
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    Well , let's see some pics of your rack / luggage system in action , may help riders make decisions. TIA
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    LarryT: Looks like an interesting alu rack. Can you post some pictures / measurements / mounting points? Seems like a prototype / one-of-a-kind rack. Possibly a DIY project with rivets and no welding required?

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    Not sure of the best place to post this, but here is a pic of how I am using my CycleRack rear rack, I have the pannier plates as well.
    I already had Givi waterproof saddle bags and the Givi Treker 42liter case for my BMW, so I simply got a Givi monokey universal mounting plate ($62) which attached to the Cyclerack rear rack, thus allowing me to easily move the top box from one bike to the other. I gotta say the box looks really big on the TW. As you can see there is room to add more luggage on the back of the seat. What a pack mule!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJimmyW13 View Post
    Sooooo.... ManRack or CycleRack?.... I thought I knew I was getting a CycleRack at first, but now I'm thinking maybe a ManRack? Which is bigger? The CycleRack or the ManRack BBQ?
    The Cyclerack is bigger, but not necessarily more load bearing, just wider

    If you’re planning to move home, I’d put the sleeping bag on the rack, and the kitchen sink on the rear seat - (you get the idea)

    They’re both good racks (I have the Manrack), and with good customer service from both parties – though the Cyclerack is often over-loaded simply because of its size – human error

    The Manrack tucks nicely to the bike, and is less likely to fail simply because it doesn’t lend itself to “overloading”

    Favouritism of course, because I made my choice – now you have to make yours …..
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