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Thread: Anyone else use an audiable turn signal reminder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryL View Post
    I'll be interested in hearing more on this. Brain dead after a turn is pretty common for me and a few miles down the road I finally notice.

    Tell me about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucknutz View Post
    Tell me about it!
    Ha Ha, You probably would not be busting my chops if you could pass me and not have to see the blink, blink all the time!

    Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
    If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

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    I finally did try attaching the negative side of the automotive buzzer directly to the brake circuit, but it did not work. The buzzer stayed on even when the brake switches WERE activated. I think it may be due to one of the systems switching the ground side of the circuit, instead of the hot side. But I have not looked at a wiring diagram yet, to see exactly what the deal is.

    Note: Apparently I was WRONG to assume that the "X" terminal of the TRIDON brand flasher unit [needed for LED turn sigs] is the "switched" terminal, with the "L" terminal being the "line" lerminal (I guess the L stands for "load"). For it to work, it needs to be hooked up the OPPOSITE way..

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    Have wired up a turn signal buzzer to all of my rigs. As a DIYer still make them myself with parts from Radio Shack or Amazon. It's pretty straight forward, a buzzer and bridge rectifier. Neither needs to be real special, just 'comfortable' with 12 volts and a couple of amps. Here is the wire diagram recently used on my Honda PCX scooter. Should work for the TW as well, least it did for me. Used the front signals as connections/splice points to the rectifier. The signal input to the rectifier has no polarity, can use right or left on either rectifier lead. The turn signal wire selected does need to be the input/hot, not the ground. One connection to the right signal the other to the left, then you're set.
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    Take care my Friend.........

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    I took the easy road a couple years ago. I installed a LED 15 deg. green light in the dash. Really bright when it's flashing. Works for me.
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    I installed an old automotive buzzer which worked great till it got wet a few times to many so I replaced it with a bright LED dome light bulb. More than bright enough during the day and the odd time I ride at night it totally lights me up making me more visible.027.JPG028.JPG
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    Gerry's buzzer on the MrGizmo bike he sold me has helped me live down the nick-name of "Blinky". The buzzer really helps.
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    Fred just now learned what it was because of this thread. Before today, he thought it was Marisa's signal to call him for lunch. No wonder he couldn't get more than a block or two away from the house!!! The first turn and he'd think it was lunchtime and head back home!!

    ***He's going to git me for this one!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    Gerry's buzzer on the MrGizmo bike he sold me has helped me live down the nick-name of "Blinky". The buzzer really helps.
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    I had one on my Z750,
    It was all ready fitted when i bought the bike. The Bright LED was fine but the audible alarm drove me nuts.
    If sitting at traffic lights with turn signal on for more than 30 seconds the alarm would sound, it was very loud and attract unwanted attention from other drivers who thought i was beeping them with my horn. I would switch the turn signal off then back on only for it to start beeping again before the light changed to green.
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