Darn TW won't start.. I've tried almost everything...
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Thread: Darn TW won't start.. I've tried almost everything...

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    Unhappy Darn TW won't start.. I've tried almost everything...

    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving. (minus my unbearable frustration with my bike this morning trying to get it started..)

    Hey, folks. I've been riding and restoring my 1991 TW200 for the past year with over 17K miles on it. I'm young, and learning as I go. I completely did a tear-down of an old Yamaha MX80 vintage 70's bike, replacing and refurbishing everything from the tranny to the top-end so I know a decent amount of information about motorcycles, applying these skills to the TW.

    Last month I replaced the piston and cylinder on my TW because of a shortage of oil in the case. The overheated engine freaking welded the old rings on the now melted out piston. Got myself a set all together of a 1mm bored cylinder, piston and rings for the appropriate size. Changed that out and ran freaking great for a month. Last week, I discovered some leaks from the new gaskets I put with it, which doesn't really make sense because they were brand freaking new. If you guys know of any top-end leaking solutions better than Permatex Ultra-Black RTV or Indian Head gasket to stop the damn leaks that would be awesome if you would let me know. So after I noticed the leak, I decided to get my hands on the ultra black RTV and rebuild the top end, applying the silicone to the gaskets, top and bottom, letting them sit overnight before trying to turn over the engine. So this week, I did just that and the damn thing won't start anymore. I don't have my hands on any handy compression testers, but I know it's getting plenty just from audible recognition, and can feel plenty of air coming out of the pipe and spark plug chamber hole. I try to kick-start it, but it WON'T START; It is getting a spark, because flames are backfiring from the top end after spraying starter fluid through the air filter chamber. Pretty scary when it first 'popped' and ignited the flames. Tried pouring a drop or two in the cylinder through the spark plug hole, as well as some starter fluid. Gave it a couple kicks so it wouldn't destroy the top end, letting the excess oil and starter fluid escape. Now I'm worried I drenched the spark plug bottom tip and am stopping it from creating a consistent spark. The timing is PERFECT, and I know that for a fact. Both the stator and timing sprocket are on top dead center with the chain aligned. My carb jets are clean. Brand new head gasket. Fresh piston rings again. Fresh 10w-40 oil, filled to spec. Hoses are all clean around carb and oil breather hose. Valve clearances are adjusted to spec.

    So NOTHING I have tried is working. I have worked on this bike for 5+ hour intervals every single afternoon in the Florida outdoor weather (no indoor garage) for the past two weeks, and I'm exhausted (and greasy). All I can think of that I haven't tried, is the carburetor. After all, it is a 24+ year old motorcycle. The carb has a slow leak around the bearing edge. I don't want to take any chances so I am considering upgrading it to a completely new one, with all jets and everything properly installed especially considering the black friday sales tonight. Looking for something kind of like "plug-and-play." I have already invested easily over $1000 on this bike I got originally for around the same price.. upgrading it little by little here and there, making it almost completely brand new, minus the carb and bottom end. I miss my TW! I've tried everything listed and am getting a little depressed! PLEASE, let me know if you guys have any advice on how to help a fellow TW rider like myself eager to ride again!

    I wish you all well and good luck, thinking I've been taking everyone else's bad luck for them. Happy riding. Hope you can help.

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    You'll get this little gem going again, and have a great time riding it. I'm not the one to help you with this, as I'm not very good at the mechanical side of things. Someone will be along to help you. Listen to their advice, as there are some genius minds on this forum. Oh, and WELCOME, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
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    Something that you think is correct - is wrong

    Check the cam - see if she's at 180

    If your happy with that - then keep looking - concentrate on one thing at a time - you need to get your head around this .........
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    I tend to agree with Purple, time to verify any assumptions.
    I thought about cam timing too but O.P. sounded so confident he had it right.
    Has ChristianTheUnlucky verified that gasoline is making its way through carb and into combustion chamber? Maybe pull plug, put finger in hole and crank,crank,crank until gets gas on finger to confirm this basic assumption.
    While not a big fan of a lot of RTV silicon since excess can cause problems everything else described sounds quite well done.
    Wishing the best of luck soon so Christian can return to being the Gr8.
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    i did a resto over a few months and after rebuilding the thing wouldn't start…i had a spark and spent hours with carbs, relays etc to no avail, i would suggest something to try if nothing more than to cross of the list is to squeeze the cdi while trying to start it, this worked for me on 4 cdis i had that were 'broken or faulty'..all are good now with this fix i did….
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