Engin dies on hard breaking.
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Thread: Engin dies on hard breaking.

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    Junior Member Brlux's Avatar
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    Engin dies on hard breaking.

    So I went for a ride last night and noticed my engine would die when aggressively coming to a stop. The tank was over 3/4 full. Any thoughts on what it could be?
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    Senior Member elime's Avatar
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    Mine did that when the choke was partially pulled out. I pushed the choke in and all was good. The only other thing I can think of is the float isn't set correctly. Is the idle mixture screw 2 to 2 1/2 turns out?
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    Turn up the idle speed and see if problem persists.
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    Senior Member socalnative's Avatar
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    With the throttle closed you are completely on the idle circuit or jet. How long has it been since you rode it last? The idle jet or carb could be a little clogged.
    The motor may start fine, cold and warm, and run good but just not be able to idle with the throttle closed for a long period of time, like coming to a stop.

    But I've had this issue and it was different things every time...air cleaner, bad spark plug, carb a bit dirty.

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    Senior Member Xracer's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Perhaps a dumb question,but are you locking up the rear wheel with your hard braking?

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    Senior Member methamphetasaur's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    Perhaps another dumb question, but could you try perhaps not braking so aggressively?
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    Senior Member phelonius's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Open your clutch when braking that hard.
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    Junior Member Brlux's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
    Wow, lots of good reply here, thanks. The winner is elime my choke was on.

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