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Thread: HELP, I've fallen and can't get up. A time to ponder

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    Jerry, I seems I'm cursed with the the same affliction as you. "You never know, I might need this ITIS". Yes, it's a curse being weighed down by all this extra stuff. I've always had it. My hunting packs were always way too heavy. It takes some of the enjoyment out of the trip but I still can't seem to leave it all behind and just hope for the best. Part of it stems from me believing that most people just wing it and are not prepared for any problems and so I have to be prepared for them so the ride won't be compromised by their breakdown or lack of preparation. (i.e. rain gear on the Boonville ride.) I don't begrudge them. I'm more than happy to help them out. My efforts would be wasted if my help were never needed. It makes packing all that stuff for the next trip a little easier I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rider21 View Post
    I made one of those Dustdevil bike hoists for my KLR 650 but it was too heavy and took up too much room. Final solution....get rid of the 650 and get an XT350. Gerry, what material are the rods you used to lift the bike?
    --Started out using titanium for both. In short order, the long rod was replaced with aluminium. The titanium was a bit lighter and stronger, but it flexed a lot. The 6061 t6 aluminium worked fine. Believe both rods were purchased on E-Bay. Don't remember the diameter, but suspect Fred could find out if the information is needed........ The load on that KLR certainly suggests we suffer from the same affliction.
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