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Thread: Hennessey hammock setup as requested.

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    Always love seeing mention of hammocks. Hennessy was my first. Then a Thunderbird, Bearded Hanger, and several from Dutch. Aside from the backyard and the Moab ride, I haven't been in the hammock much this year :/. Can't wait to hang again. And to the above mention of snakeskins - great for both the hammock setup and the tarp.
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    Hammock camping is the best on the TW. I use warbonnet as they donated two sleep set ups to the OUTDOORTREE service organization. They have been so helpful on our service rides.war2.jpgwar3.jpgwar4.jpgwarbonnet1.jpg

    These pictures don't show the superfly tarp. But the Superfly tarp covers the bike nicely. This has the winter top cover, the hammock has a zipper and you can either zip on the bug fly or the winter top. The winter top makes it like a little tent and even creates a little shelf. I don't think the winter top is waterproof but it is perfect for a little privacy and makes it about 10 degrees warmer by holding in body heat. We use the down underquilt to keep out bottoms warm. then on top a blanket or sleeping bag all depending on how cold outside. https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/

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