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    Quote Originally Posted by floridaboy View Post
    ..... I will not try that again for sure. I ride by myself need to know my limits.
    Yup! Me too. I know my limits pretty darn well after 50 years!! And 6+ inches of sugar sand is well beyond them! So is most of the stuff Fred rides.. But then I don't have any bruises, either.
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    If Fred goes off road, it's all over my limit!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by RockyTFS View Post
    Yup! Me too. I know my limits pretty darn well after 50 years!! And 6+ inches of sugar sand is well beyond them! So is most of the stuff Fred rides.. But then I don't have any bruises, either.
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    Yep sand plain old SUCKS. But keep calm try to relax a bit on the bars allow the bike to wander a bit get your weight back and try to lighten the front by staying on the gas were you can.

    Do all that and I promise you sand will still kick you ass lol but you may be able to keep rubber side down and maybe even enjoy it a bit.

    Me well it still kicks my ass and I have had more falls in sand than any other surface including all kinds of mud. But at least deep sand tends to offer slightly softer landings.

    Now having ridden with PeterB I can say this that man can ride sand very well and on street rubber to boot.

    There also one more fool proof trick I use for riding really deep sand trails. I steal the wife's ATV with its two extra wheels lol
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    Practice standing up if you're not too tall on your dub.

    Throttle, standing up, a trials type front and a rear paddle (duro) have changed sand riding for me.

    and don't fight it, I would be exhausted after no time in the deep sand, then I learned to relax and kind of use the entire trail width to just let the bike do it's thing and now it's almost enjoyable. sxs and those little thin tire motorcycles will be all over the trail causing some strange ruts and with the tw you just plow through, and like someone said before, look ahead as far as reasonable possible. DO NOT FIXATE ON THE RUT THAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO AVOID because if you do you WILL hit it and it WILL screw with you.
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    What air pressure were you running? A lower pressure makes all the difference
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    Quote Originally Posted by floridaboy View Post
    Thanks for the info. This is a new bike with the stock tires. I am new to this off road riding and don't know that much about it. Also i am not as young as i once was now 75. I think i will avoid the sugar sand for now. Thanks again for the help. A lot to think about.
    Riding dual sport in Florida means that you need to get acclimated to sand and, having lived here over three decades, West Central seems to be the toughest for the stuff. You're not going to be able to avoid it. Even our forest roads in the WMAs are deep sand. You simply need to get comfortable confident on the sand. Getting that comfort level takes practice and practice requires you to invest some time. You're not going to get there turning around. You're not going to get there thinking equipment changes (like tires) are going to help. Find your own style and practice, practice, practice.
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    I like sand as long as it is not miles and miles of whoops which require you to stand and work the quads as the TW does not have the suspension to flow through them at speed.
    If you have a front rack on the bike, don't have any load on it when riding in sand. As has already been mentioned, the front tire needs to float over the sand. Standing with you weight back or sitting on the back of the seat helps float the front tire.
    The best mod for sand is an ATV tire on the rear. They hook up and provide better lift for the front and keep you moving forward.
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