Just a quick note to let you Guys and Gals know the MOAB Event Decals are now available to everyone regardless of whether you went to MOAB or if you are going to MOAB I want everybody who wants them to get them 100% FREE of charge ( I ask for a SASE mainly so I don't screw up your address)

If you have ever thought about attending MOAB with the gang I invite you to call one of us that attended the event

I'll shoot you my contact number and I bet others that were there like Mel, Admiral, BananaChunks, TW200adv, Rhodetrip and many many more my feeble mind can't recall would all be glad to share their experiences at MOAB 2015 - 2016

I was on the fence myself and had 1000 reasons why I shouldn't go, I actually loaded up my van and drove from Socal to Vegas and blew my transmission having to get towed 300 miles home I stayed up all night and loaded all my crap into a back up rig and got back on the road and it was a trip of a lifetime for a TW geek like us

I lament the list of fellow forum legends that have passed in the last few years and sadly many of us didn't get to know these people in person but MOAB 2017 is right around the corner and we want to see YOU there so please choose a member you relate with and get on a person to person phone call and talk MOAB with them before you decide you are not going

Ok thats my rant for today lol Happy Kringle to everybody if we don't speak before then

PS; I'll also have the decals at the event including a special decal only available to actual attendees