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Started by novaks44 at 07-16-2010 3:36 PM. Topic has 54 replies.

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   07-16-2010, 3:36 PM
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Re: Broken Veteran.
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+1 to what Qwerty said. I'd be doing the same should I ever win the lottery.

You didn't upset me BV, I'm just t'eed off at your situation, and the VA for not doing enough. You are NOT a lazy bum! It's not your fault you received those injuries, or that you're getting screwed by the VA. And you're not a burden either. Again, you're just a victim of circumstance. You're no more at fault than the next dude who was born paralyzed from the waist down, or something along those lines. Just keep your spirits up as best you can, and keep on ridin'!
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   07-16-2010, 3:40 PM
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Re: Broken Veteran.
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Caught the thread, and I am wishing you well.

I had 16 years on with a police dept and blew out a couple disks in my lower back on the job, so they pensioned me off (more money than you are getting--thank God). I'm now 54, have degenerative issues in other areas of my spine too, and have also battled depression at times due to the feelings of loss--physical, career, etc....

I sold my big old BMW R100GS last year because the pain had forced me to not be able to work, and not be able to ride enough to justify the expense of keeping it. I bought the TWs this year because I was placed on a pain med that finally helped with the nerve pain: gabapentin.

It's a generic, so the expense isn't too much, and although it was developed for epilepsy, it was found to help with nerve pain in some people. Might be worth asking your doctor about---my neurosurgeon and family doc never mentioned it, but a rheumatologist I was referred to this spring had me try it. Between the gabapentin and some chiropractic adjustments, I am having way more good days than bad, and I seldom have to raid my stash of codeine or other more serious pain meds.

On the money angle, you have probably already explored this, but if you haven't, you should look into social security disability. It sounds like you have enough problems that you really can't have 'meaningful' employment any longer.

Good luck,
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   Yesterday, 7:21 AM
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Cool [H] Re: Broken Veteran.
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Pedaled my bicycle over to Chris's Saturday with the idea of sizing up his yard,when what the heck his grass is cut! Seems he was able to use his noodle and fix the mower. Anyhow after some general B.S. Vet stated he'd like to have a meet and eat ride after it cools down. Hope when the dates posted some of you can show up.
   Today, 12:20 PM
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Re: Broken Veteran.
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My wife had back surgery 3 years ago for a ruptured disk that required an emergency discectomy. The drug she took was gabapentin and it definitely helped. On the side effects is depression, so that might be something to consider.
What's the nearest burger place to you that you can ride your TW to?
   Today, 12:46 PM
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Re: Broken Veteran.
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The Gabapentin worked for pain.  I was out of it just enough to not want to do anything.  So I stopped it.
The Codeine works for me.  All the strong stuff I quit taking.
An old guy told me...  "You have to learn to love your pain."
So for 18 years I have been thinking that.
The TW starts right up.  I go for a little ride and feel brand new for a little while.
It is the only pleasure I get.  But is is sooooo good, I require nothing further.

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